This site is created and maintained by Richard Salinas. I’ve been blogging about DIY 3D printing technology since 2012 and expanded my blog into this site in 2016 to help demystify the technology for artists and designers.

I’m the author of 3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook, one of many books in the technical3D-Printing-book cookbook series published by Packt Publishing. The book focuses on 3D printers and software utilizing open source technology. It’s available at online booksellers (Amazon) and many libraries worldwide (WorldCat).

Over the course of three years, I’ve constructed five 3D printers of various designs (reprap, repstrap, and delta variations). This has given me a good understanding of the technology’s limitations and a pinpoint of areas where improvement was needed. This experimentation has led to my design and development of a new 3D printer that I call the RoboSculptor.

Durable, more reliable and able to print in larger sizes than what’s possible with most consumer 3D printers, the RoboSculptor is a perfect choice for fabricating sculpture with professional results. More information can be found at www.robosculptor.com.

For professional inquiries, I’m available at rksalinas@aol.com. I’m also linkedin.linkedin-150x150