A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot that gives us the opportunity to explore fabrication ideas that were not physically possible before. This makes the perfect technology for exploring new sculptural forms.

This site is a logbook of this exploration. It records some of the experimentation of the technical aspects of 3D printing as well as the aesthetic and theoretical possibilities. This would not be possible without the global movement of open source technology.


Open source development has allowed for universal free access of 3D printing technology without the limitations of patents and licenses. This has made the 3D printer less costly and more accessible to the general public. Open source technology also encourages innovation in a DIY environment in which anyone can experiment and make modifications.

This access has allowed me to develop a 3D printer that is designed specifically for creating sculptural works.

It’s called the RoboSculptor and it’s scheduled for beta testing late Fall 2015.